Color Grading


Color is one of the more enigmatic aspects of filmmaking and the post production process. Many think its just about matching and balancing but what separates the good projects from the great is when color is used to tell the story. Whether it's a short commercial or a long feature film everything has a story. The process I take in developing the story is one of collaboration and creativity. Teaming up with the creative forces behind a project is what I do best. I'm willing to discuss everything from crafting a look to any technical questions you may have regarding workflow. For this reason, feel free to contact me about anything related to your project.

Grading System


An industry standard throughout the world, Da Vinci Resolve is my software of choice for all projects. Along with this I use a Flanders Scientific monitor for their renown accuracy in color grading alongside a Blackmagic Design control panel. My suite is fully calibrated and has a 55 inch Sony client monitor along with a comfy couch, wifi for clients, a great coffee shop around the corner, and is located in the creative Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick.

Finishing & Delivery


I can help bring your story to its full potential and ensure that it goes through the final workflow stages at top quality. After the color correction process I can insure that your film is put back together and output at peak quality so nothing is sacrificed during post production.

DCP Creation ( Digital Cinema Package )


Once color and final assembly is complete I can create a DCP for your film to screen in theaters across the globe. A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the standard format accepted worldwide for presenting your films at the greatest possible quality. Using visually-lossless  compression, DCPs present each and every frame of your film with pristine clarity in either 2K or 4K resolutions. Click here to get a quote. You will be  directed to our affiliated website Post Oak DCP.

Other Services & Deliverables:


  • High Res Online Deliverables
  • Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Network, Cinema Deliverables
  • Post Production Supervisor Services

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