What is your color grading rate? In order to give an accurate rate I would have to see a cut of your project. This helps me gauge the workload and see what's involved a little bit better. Feel free to go here to request a quote.


What is your color correction process? To get a detailed example of the typical color process check out my 'Process' page here.


How long of a turnaround time do you need to grade my film? This depends on a lot of factors such as project run-time, time of year, current workload, budget and more, but generally: Feature Film: 2-6 weeks; Short Film: 1-3 weeks; Commercial or Corporate Video: 1 day - 2 weeks; Music Videos: 1 day to 2 weeks. This of course varies greatly but generally speaking these are typical turnaround times.


Do you do remote color grading? Yes, its a little more involved than your typical grade but this is definitely doable. By remote grade I mean that you're in one location anywhere in the world, and I'm in my studio and we have the opportunity to work together "live" as if we're in the room together. This is great but of course requires a fast system, fast wi-fi, and a reliable color-accurate monitor on your end.


What sort of files should I send you to get started?  It's always best to have a conversation about your workflow before answering this since things like VFX, frame rates, multi cam, etc can have an affect on this. However, I do have an easy to follow set-up document that can answer most of these questions. Generally speaking however you would clean up your sequence, export an XML, reference movie and deliver a drive with all the source footage.


Can you make my film look like this or that film? Absolutely, at this point I've graded enough projects that I can honestly create any look you're after. As long as the film was shot with that look somewhat embedded in the footage I can take what you have and enhance it!


What are your Covid policies and are you vaccinated?  Yes, I am vaccinated and would be happy to show you my card. As far as my policies, for any in-person sessions  you are required to be vaccinated and must show your card and ID before any sessions. Also, in the grading suite there is a HEPA air purifier that completely recycles and cleans the air every 6-7 min. Lastly, the layout of the room allows us to easily practice social distancing.


What if I have more questions? If you have more questions please feel free to contact me.





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