Color Grading Process:


When it comes to grading and finishing a film the process is very important. Creativity and attention to the technical details is crucial in getting your film to the finish line looking beautiful and delivered according to industry standards. Here’s a short overview of the typical process in grading and finishing a film:


- First thing I need is to watch the film or at the very least some key footage. This will help in assessing what needs to happen and helps to start the creative conversation.


- From here we chat about the look you’re after, the color story and schedule a pre-grading session to set up looks for key scenes. By the time we get together for this crucial meeting we both know where we’re going and usually have visual references as inspiration.


- After this initial looks session you’ll know exactly what direction your film will go in and this is also where we usually talk about finishing work, any VFX involved in the film, deliverables or anything else that needs to be discussed in creating a custom blue print for your film’s post production.


- Next is where the grading begins and where the bulk of the work is done. During this work stage we’ll do various passes, watch-throughs of the film, adjustments, and tweaks until your film is perfect.


- Once the color is complete we have one final viewing to ensure nothing was missed and to prepare for any final assembly or deliverables you’ll be needing.


-  After the grade, should you need Final Assembly services, I can bring  all the final VFX, sound mix, titles, credits, etc together  and you’ll walk away with the deliverables of your choice - from a h.264 ready for streaming to a DCP (digital cinema package) ready for the theater.


No matter how big or small your project is you can rest assured that it’ll cross the finish line the best it can be.

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